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Let me partner with you to effectively plan, organize and facilitate your group for outcomes and results that you need. 
Are there trust issues and contention in the group? I'll create a "safe space" for dialogue as well as creating an environment for building team relationships and finding common ground. I have facilitated in the federal, state, tribal and international arena and am passionate about assisting all parties in problem solving and finding concensus. 

Let me partner with you to design collaborative processes that engage your stakeholders. I can organize space, time and people with discussions and activities focused on your desired outcomes. I have years of experience with multi-agency, multi-interest groups of states, tribes, federal government and international governments in environmental policy and regulations.
Team Development
Effective teams get more done and experience workplace satisfaction. Let me help you  take your team to a new level. Do you want to foster team work, better communications and turn conflict into creativity?  I can develop effective communication tools and a culture of collaboration. I can partner with you to facilitate the work environment that sets you up for success.

​Robin Rohn Coursen L.L.C.

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