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"Facilitating Stakeholders and Teams for Consensus, Results and  Outcomes"

Environmental, Natural Resources, Federal, Tribal, State and International



For meetings you need a facilitator to:

* identify and engage the right stakeholders.


* strategize and plan a meeting to get from ideas to outcomes.


* provide a safe space for discussing sometimes contentious issues or ideas.

* bring a group to consensus.

* identify methods to assure personal accountability does not fall short.

For team development you need a facilitator to:

* improve communications and turn conflict into creativity.


* create strategic work plans that get results and hold your team and stakeholders accountable.

* develop Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based (SMART) goals.



* engage and organize teams, stakeholders and the public to optimize collaborative design for facilitation advantage.


* plan and partner with you to strategize and reach your goals and outcomes. Together we identify any barriers to success and assure the desired outcomes.  


* speak your language. My  competencies in environmental and natural resource policy and experience working with local, state, federal and tribal government give me a distinct facilitation advantage. I am able to focus on the process without  sacrificing the technical content.


* keep your discussion on track when issues and concerns become contentious and outcomes are important.

* work with you to create what you need if an accountability plan is necessary.


Intergovernmental Collaboration for:

* Inter-mountain West Data Warehouse for Air Quality, a collaborative modeling warehouse created by thirteen federal agencies. I held an 8 year co-facilitation and leadership role in governance (Memorandum of Understanding), and collaboration. 

*  EPA Region 8 tribal, state and federal agency collaborative role with multiple agencies in Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Superfund and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

*  EPA collaborative role in engagement and consensus building with Federal Highway Administration and Utah and Colorado Departments of Transportation for the National Environmental Policy Act review and rating process. 

International Collaboration:

* EPA headquarters representative (through U.S.Agency for International Development,USAID) in collaborative effort to develop Guidelines for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment EIA for the Mekong Region.

* EPA headquarters representative in train the trainer for EIA in Guatemala; a USAID effort.

​Robin Rohn Coursen L.L.C.

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